Breastfeeding Mothers’ Diet

You have become a mother. This is the most wonderful event in your life! And as a loving mother, you always take care of your baby. Then the question arises: what should a young mother eat for her baby to grow healthy and happy? And what shouldn’t a breastfeeding mom eat? Our recommendations will help you to learn the answer to this question!

Breastfeeding Diet

May Lactating Women Drink Alcohol?

Many mothers soothe themselves that a little red wine will not affect the baby. But at the same time, each lactating woman should understand that we are talking about a glass, not a bottle of wine, because alcohol is wholly absorbed into the baby’s blood with the milk. So we recommend to abstain from alcohol in any quantity while you are breastfeeding your baby.

Foods That Change the Taste of Breast Milk

The following products are also better not to use for a breastfeeding woman because they change the taste of milk.

  • Breastfeeding mums are not to eat canned and fresh garlic, onion, hot pepper, ramson, the “Tabasco” sauce, and mayonnaise. All of these products give milk spiciness.
  • Horseradish, mustard, black strong coffee, dark chocolate, cheese with mold, like “Dor Blue”, and other cheeses with various additives make milk bitter.
  • Octopus, mussels, spicy herring, squid, cod roe, particularly containing additives, give milk a salty taste.
  • Canned or fresh tuna and shrimps can provoke allergy in your baby

Foods Breastfeeding Moms Should Be Careful with

We are talking about a number of products that breastfeeding moms were previously forbidden to eat by paediatricians. Modern doctors believe that the following products can be included into young mothers diet but gradually and in small quantities.

  • Mothers should remember that melon, fresh yogurt, beans, peas, and vegetable oils can lead to the baby’s bowel disorder and bloating. As a consequence, you will have sleepless nights.
  • Rice, pomegranate, pear, persimmon, fresh bread, and cookies, on the contrary, can lead to constipations.
  • Among the allergens are also grapefruits, oranges, eggs, caviar, millet, semolina, and corn. They should be used with extreme caution.

Foods Recommended to Breastfeeding Mothers

Products that are marked with this color of the “traffic light” can be used with no problems. They are useful both to you and your child!

Carrots, dill and parsley can help you and your child retain visual acuity. Black currants, lettuce and gooseberries strengthen the immunity. Zucchini, cod, pumpkin and perch contribute to the baby’s growth and rapid development. Natural yogurt and cottage cheese make bones and teeth strong. Kefir, Airan, broccoli, oatmeal and cauliflower improve digestion.

So, follow our tips and your baby will not suffer from food allergies or other problems. Bon Appetit!

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