Cheese Made of Breast Milk

Not so long ago the New York gallery gave all the volunteering food experimenters an opportunity to try the unusual cheese made of women’s breast milk.

Cheese, mother's breast milk

According to the author of this idea, Miriam Simun, the post-graduate student at the New York University, this product is a temporary trend because in future she plans to deal with the question of ethics of modern biotechnology, and the first step in this direction should be the revolutionary type of cheese produced by her.

As noted by Miriam Simun, the cheese made of women’s breast milk is a starting-point for an active discussion of this topic. From her point of view, some people like the product, and some of them find it disgusting. Mrs. Simun found three breastfeeding mothers who agreed to have their milk turned into cheese. She scanned the mammary glands of the women to diagnose possible diseases, and then the milk was subjected to pasteurization, and finally cheese was made of it.

3 kinds of cheese are presented in the gallery, and their taste depends on the predominance of a particular kind of food in the diet of a lactating woman. The cheese is of great demand, and many speak about its useful properties. Simun hopes that her cheese will make people think about the future use of resources of the human body – blood, hair, and sperm – to help those who will need it.

Source of the image: Momlogic.

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  1. larisa

    eww we don’t want to eat cheese and think about the breast it came from

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