Children Should Avoid Fruit Juices

Experts concluded that fruit juices do more harm than benefit, so it’s best to reduce their consumption. Experts recommend drinking fruit juices in extremely small doses, and young children, should avoid them at all.


Many people are convinced of the benefits of fruit juices and try to drink them as often as possible. However, doctors believe such juices can be beneficial just for adults and only in limited quantities. Experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics believe that we should not let young children get used to fruit juices, as their consumption at a young age can cause a number of illnesses, from digestive disorders to obesity. U.S. pediatricians give the following advice:

  • do not give fruit juices to children under 1;
  • give no more than 170 grams per day to children from 1 to 6;
  • allow no more than 340 grams per day to children from 6 to 18.

After 18, according to the doctors, you can drink as much fruit juice as you want – unless you have contraindications – but not in the evening and at night.

However, some experts believe that these standards are too high. British Dental Association even released a request to reduce the consumption of fruit juices, including natural ones. Dentists say juices contain much more acids and sugar than the same amount of fresh fruit. Experts recommend limiting juice consumption to 150 ml per day, and eliminate it from a child’s diet at all, replacing it with fresh fruit.

Smoothies, that are so popular nowadays, are considered even more harmful. According to doctors, these drinks not only contain too much sugar, but their thick consistency also creates a sweet sticky film on the teeth, destroying tooth enamel.

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