Daily Milk Portion for Kids Revealed

Canadian doctors from St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto) have estimated that children aged two to five years should drink a pint of cow’s milk every day.


Pediatrician Jonathon Maguire and his colleagues have conducted a study based on 1311 children. It turned out that the children, who received little milk, had reduced rates of vitamin D. On the contrary, too much milk is also unprofitable: Canadian researchers believe that it will lead to the decline of iron in the blood and possible anemia, weakened immune system and the reduced activity of the thyroid gland.

However, the identified rate of milk consumption has already been questioned: some experts believe that a pint is not enough, but a liter of milk would be perfect. In this case, the child would have strong bones.

There is a solution for the parents, whose children do not drink milk: hard cheeses and cottage cheese, which also contain calcium.

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