Disney Cartoon Heroes to Stop Childhood Eating Disorders

If your child is naughty and often refuses to eat, show him/her these pictures. They have been created by a caring artist to raise the issue of child anorexia. Since the child’s mind is often unable to withstand the promotion of thinness, such kids need help.


These drawings can be frustrating to see: we are used to seeing Disney characters vigorous, healthy, and cheerful. However, the pictures depict what would happen to them if they decided to lose weight to have the “model parameters” often desired by children and adolescents.

Yes, children are also exposed to slimming mania. Every year, the number of cases of anorexia in children and adolescents is increasing. This problem is even diagnosed in five-year-old children. Therefore, Israeli artist Saint Hoax decided to draw this series of pictures.

Their goal is to draw attention to the problem of child anorexia; to show the kids, who want to become models in the future, how ugly they can look as a result of their dieting. To try and make them forget about the disease and enjoy the taste of food again.

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  1. Hannah Montana

    This is honestly the most idiotic, ignorant, and most degrading thing I have ever come across on the internet. This post strays in a completely opposite direction of body positivity, claiming that becoming “too skinny” is the same as becoming “ugly”. Shamming skinny girls isn’t going to counterattack the effects that body disphoria has on a child. This post is simply ignorant.

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