How Children Change the Family’s Diet

As part of the British national movement against overweight and obesity, a team from the University of Reading conducted a study of how and in what quantity various categories of the population consume fresh fruits and vegetables, which are a necessary component of a balanced diet.

Green Fruits and Vegetables

It became an unexpected discovery for the investigation organizers that childless families eat far more fruit and vegetables compared to those people who have experienced the joy of parenthood. However, it had been assumed to happen vice a versa, since the presence of children in a family seems to automatically imply balanced and nutritious meals.

At the same time the difference in this criteria was highly significant. According to the specialists’ calculations, husbands and wives, having no children, had eaten almost four kilograms more fruits and vegetables for thirty days than moms and dads in the same age category.

In other words, children’s presence in a family significantly reduces the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten by parents. The scientists believe that the main factor behind such a strange pattern is a “negative” impact on parents by their children who often refuse to eat broccoli or carrots. And the more children there are in the family, the less fruits and vegetables are consumed by their parents.

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