How to Make Kids Eat Veggies?

If you want to make children eat wholesome vegetables that do not seem tasty to them, feel free to use cheese sauce and ketchup. Such advice was given by the scientists from Arizona State University.


American researchers decided to test the effectiveness of one of the most common tricks of those parents whose child did not eat vegetables. It allows you to make your children eat useful food, which does not seem tasty to them. It was found that adding a variety of seasoning, like ketchup and cheese sauce, contributes to making children eat useful vegetables and herbs more eagerly.

The study shows that the more often the children’s diet contains Brussels sprouts with cream cheese, the higher the likelihood is that the children will get used to this vegetable and will subsequently eat it willingly, even without any seasoning. The study involved the kids who had never tried any Brussels sprouts or cauliflower, and whose diet consisted of much more “pleasant” products in children’s opinion.

According to the research author Elizabeth Capaldi-Phillips, the findings of the study have a great practical potential, since they can be used if the child does not eat vegetables. Proper nutrition is a key step in the prevention of childhood obesity. Initially, the children were given vegetables with a pleasant tasty sauce, and then without the sauce, but the kids still ate them with pleasure.

On the first day of the experiment, all the kids were given vegetables in pure form, and 90% said that they did not like their taste. By the end of the experiment, more than 90% of the children were eating those vegetables with great pleasure and without any seasoning. Before experimenting with your own child at home, choose the sauce carefully, read the composition and make sure the sauce does not contain too many harmful substances.

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