Oatmeal Protects Children From Asthma

Finnish scientists claim children who start eating oatmeal at early age face lower risk of developing asthma. Their study revealed the risk of developing asthma was reduced by about 60 percent in children who ate oatmeal before they reach their fifth month.


The study involving 13,000 children analyzed how different foods can affect the risk of developing asthma and hay fever.

The parents kept track of their children’s diet right from the birth. Simultaneously, researchers observed the health condition of children during five years. They estimated that the incidence of respiratory diseases in children who were fed with oatmeal during their first several months of life was reduced by 64 percent. The same research group discovered that, compared to other children, the incidence of hay fever was significantly lower among children who’ve had fish in their diet since early age.

However, these findings disagree with the guidelines of the Health Department. It is currently accepted that solid food diet should be preceded by a minimum of six months of breastfeeding.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/mwookie.

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    I have a child that gets black rings around her eyes after she gets done playing or eating.If anyone can tell me why it would be very helpful because i can’t find a doc. to tell me what causes it.
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