Getting Obese in the First Two Years

That’s the conclusion of a research described in a new study in Clinical Pediatrics. Scientists believe that before children reach the age of 2, the possibility of their putting on excessive weight has already been established.


It happens due to the setting of food preferences – by this age the child usually has figured out what his or her favorite food is, which forms the base of eating habits later in life.

Some children already begin to gain weight too fast before they are two, their lifestyle having proved to be conducive to becoming obese.

The study accentuates that an unbalanced and insufficient diet, solid food taken too early backed up by physical inactivity are the factors that make up the serious threat of future obesity.

Although statistics tell us that childhood obesity isn’t growing like it used to, its level is still high enough for scientists and medics to keep looking for new strategies that would ensure slimmer figures and healthier hearts for our children.
Lead researcher John Harrington says that the study focuses our attention to the earlier stages of the child’s life in order to find a better strategy that will allow us to control the current trend of obesity.

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  1. Mary

    This is something I just cannot understand. Unless they have a medical problem of some kind how on earth do children ever become obese? Children are constantly running around and burning energy, they are putting lots of energy into growing and if you feed them good food then they will eat good food and enjoy it. It saddens me when I see fat children, its just so unfair for them to be in that state when they are just children and the health issues later in life don’t bear thinking about.

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