Pesticides May Cause Fetus Pathology

According to U.S. scientists, herbicides can lead to fetal malformations of children. In particular, their study was focused on one of the most common chemicals in the United States – atrazine. It is used to increase the harvest of crops.

Pesticides in Crops May Cause Fetus Pathology

The scientists believe that this herbicide may cause an increased risk of fetus pathology of choanal atresia. This defect leads to clogged sinuses in the child and problems with breathing. One can improve the situation only surgically. The disease occurs very rarely – once in seven thousand cases.

However, the researchers found that the risk of this disease was 80 percent higher if the pregnant woman lived in the region where the herbicide was applied. The scientists believe that the chemical enters the female endocrine system and causes defects. The researchers plan to continue their research.

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