Popeye Is an Efficient Incentive for Kids to Eat More Vegetables

It was found that watching Popeye cartoons incites children into eating (and enjoying!) much more vegetables compared to those who don’t watch them.

Children, vegetables

Boffins from Mahidol University in Bangkok found direct correlation between the TV shows children watch and their eating habits after having tested twenty six four-five year old kids.

The little guys involved took delight in the sight of Popeye beating up Bluto after stuffing himself full of spinach; they also looked on as researchers were planting seeds and cooking.

Lead researcher Professor Chutima Sirikulchayanonta reported that all the children doubled both the amount of vegetables they ate and started to eat four kinds of vegetables instead of two as they had done before.

Parents corroborated the result, telling that they heard their children mention vegetables in their conversation and boasting that they ate vegetables with their school lunch.

Professor Sirikulchayanonta remarked that no changes were registered as regards their fruit intake, but since they had been eating more fruit than vegetables before, it seems to account for that fact.

The next study will deal with the Tom and Jerry series influencing the level of frying pan attacks with kids.

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