Psychological Problems in Kids & Mom’s Pregnancy Diet Linked

Mental health problems in the child may result from malnutrition during pregnancy. Medical News Today writes that the experts from Deakin University conducted a study showing that eating harmful foods during pregnancy significantly increases the likelihood of a child’s symptoms of mental disorders.


Scientists have observed more than 23 thousand of mothers and their babies. The researchers analyzed the women’s diet, and the presence of neurosis signs, depression, attention deficit disorder, and conduct disorder in their babies.

It turned out that if the mother regularly consumed foods with different unhealthy qualities during pregnancy, behavioral disorders were diagnosed in the baby, such as aggression and irritability.

Prior studies have demonstrated the connection between the increased risk of child obesity and unhealthy diet of the mother. In addition, scientists have reached the conclusion that malnutrition during pregnancy leads to problems in the digestive tract of the child.

In addition, scientists have concluded that aggression, anxiety, and depression symptoms are observed in the kids, who were given unhealthy food and insufficient vegetables and fruits in the first years of life. For this reason, experts recommend that parents should monitor the child’s diet, finding a useful alternative to the delicious foods without nutritional benefits.

Below is a list of useful products recommended by physicians for child nutrition:

  • low-fat yogurt and low-fat dairy drinks;
  • cereals with milk and unsweetened breakfast cereals;
  • fruits: apricots, figs, apples, prunes, etc.;
  • vegetables: carrots, cucumber, celery, potatoes or baked beans;
  • unsweetened juices;
  • useful sandwiches, prepared by adding cheese, lean ham, mashed salmon, tuna or sardines and salad to bread or tortilla.

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