Serve Alcohol to Your Children at Home

British scientists say that parents may keep their children out of troubles by allowing them to drink some alcohol at home. Teenagers who try to fetch alcohol by themselves are more likely to engage in violence-related situations or other forms of illegal behavior.


Scientists surveyed 10,000 teens aged 15-16 in North West England to reveal almost 30 percent of those surveyed got into violence related situations when drunk. 12.5% said they had sex contacts they regretted when sober.  35.8% drank at public places such as parks and shopping centers. 43.5% admitted memory blackouts because of alcohol.

The study also found that how teenagers get their alcohol greatly affects how much harm this drinking brings. Obviously, drinking alcohol at 15 has never been safe, yet teens get into trouble more often when drinking cheap alcoholic beverages outside their home. Out of those who drank alcohol bought by their parents only 20 percent engaged in violence-related situations, while that figure rose up to 36 percent among those who got it by themselves.

The study author, Mark Bellis, says negative influence of alcohol on teenage health is huge, but parents who allow their 15-16 year old children to drink at home can apparently cut down the risk. Parents can control the amount of alcohol and prevent their children from getting boozed.

Banning a teenager from alcohol won’t solve the problem and simply transfer it into the streets.

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