Too Many Sweets Nurture Aggressiveness

The inclination to turn to violence and become a criminal is considered to be linked with social and environmental influence and brought down to family factors. But a new study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry proves that there is a direct interrelation between a child’s behavior and his or her diet. Many criminals are known to have had poor meals in their childhood.


The study reports that youngsters whose behavior is impulsive and unruly have worthless diets feeding on canned soft drinks and bags of chips.

“There appears to be a link between childhood diet and adult violence, although the nature of the mechanism underlying this association needs further scrutiny,” is the conclusion of lead researcher Simon Moore.

A regular intake of sweets and chocolate is also conducive to bringing a child up to be a convict!

About 69 percent of 30-odd individuals regarded as violent were reported to have eaten sweets practically every day when they were children.

It is still a moot question what psychological processes are at work behind this interrelation; many scientists are inclined to think that addiction to sweets may foster other adult addictions later in life that are linked with aggressive and violent behavior.

Another theory says that confectionary, which is often used as a means to stop bad behavior, tempts the children away from learning to wait for their reward, thus provoking them to impulsive actions.

Scientists are sure that good diets for children may improve not only their health, but also prevent them from resorting to violence in their adult life.

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