Teenage Dieting Leads to Eating Disorders

Diets are the most popular way to lose weight. However, before you go on a diet, look into the passport and make sure that you are old enough for this.


American scientists from the University of Florida found that women’s age is crucial when it comes to diets. According to experts, diets at an early age can bring to unpleasant consequences.

The earlier a woman starts dieting, the more prone she will be to health problems such as eating disorders and alcohol abuse, experts say.

The conclusion was made after a ten-year research conducted among students. It was found that those young women who were dissatisfied with their weight at puberty and ruthlessly cut down on calories were more often faced with bulimia, an inability to control eating, weight fluctuations, and a tendency to gain weight, as well as addictions such as overeating, alcoholism, and smoking.

Despite the fact that experts are not yet entirely clear on why teenage dieting can affect health in later life and need additional research in this area, they are convinced that early dieting brings to the above-mentioned problems. Experts call for teachers and parents to teach teenage girls to maintain weight through physical activity rather than poor nutrition.

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