Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings

Food cravings is an essential feature of pregnancy which can at times acquire rather odd forms, like craving for chalk. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often! Yet food cravings are something every pregnant woman has to come to terms with.


When you are just hungry for your favorite food, it is as nothing compared to a pregnancy craving! It is so strong that it will be driving you almost mad until you get what you desire, and if you have to go far to get it or wake your partner at night to get it, you do it without thinking! It is fine when you crave for simple things like – like what? Well, here are the most likely craves you may experience.

1. Ice

You will hardly want to sit chewing ice blocks even in the hottest season, but when you are pregnant you may wish for nothing better than that! Although it is a strangely unsatisfying craving, it can work well for anemic women who get relief from oral inflammation which is a symptom of anemia.

2. Chocolate

Sweet stuff, especially chocolate, is a very common craving. Of course we know that eating chocolate makes you feel happy, and women surely want more pleasurable sensations. In the old times they used to say that a desire for sweet things means that it’s a girl.

For those who are afraid of devouring heaps of chocolate, there is low-fat chocolate syrup that you can sprinkle on fruit and thus decrease the intake of chocolate proper.

3. Everything spicy

Curry and spicy sauces, hot peppers also seem to be high on the desire list. There is an explanation, too: pregnant women always feel hot, but spicy food causes perspiration, and that lowers the body temperature. Try it out on yourself if you are too hot to be happy.

4. Pickles

Here’s a convenient craving which is cheap to satisfy and not fattening at all. Pickles give extra sodium to those who lack it, but it’s possibly other and less medical reasons for craving pickles: they give refreshment, they are pleasantly crunchy and bring in the vinegar taste.

5. Chips

Another crunchy, salty and sodium-rich craving, very often close at hand and the first thing of the kind that presents itself to mind. Yet, potato chips are less healthy, and instead of indulging think of replacing them with low-fat popcorn.

6. Fruits

One of the healthiest cravings which you can rely on for keeping your body lean and making for a healthy baby. Grapes and watermelons will be especially cooling and refreshing, and you and the baby will be happy with the supply of vitamin C.

7. Lemon

Sour taste seems to be also highly desirable. So, a pregnant woman can make yourself a water drink heavily doctored with lemon juice – or even chew upon whole lemons! The thing is the taste buds have changed and they want something sour or spicy to get a bit of a shake-up.

8. Ice cream

Now that is a truly cooling crave. Besides, there are many flavors to make your self-indulgence as variegated as can be. Once again, this is a craving you may want to curb. What about buying low-fat vanilla yoghurt, load it with fruit and put on freeze?

9. Coffee

Doctors may look askance at it, but coffee is also on the cravings list, more so if you have a penchant for it notwithstanding. Coffee keeps you on your toes, helps against bouts of headaches and depression. Still, you would do well to discuss it with a medico.

10. Soda

A glassful of fizzy soda is very good for morning sickness. So is every carbonated drink, like Sprite, but better without caffeine added. They can chase away uncomfortable sensations in your body and allay your stomach troubles.

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