Toys Cause Obesity in Children

Pollsters advise young mothers to think about it, when they decide to pamper their child with something delicious: cookies, candies, chocolate, chips or anything else. As a result of a corresponding study, it was proved that the toys that manufacturers usually put as a bonus in the box of chocolates or delicious pastry, help develop childhood obesity.


The same piece of advice was given by the doctors concerning fast food. Special complex meals for children with a toy as the necessary component of them are a well-known method of attracting customers. Moreover, these prizes are so small that the child can easily swallow them. This is another factor that increases the risk of obesity. The conclusion is that toys from fast food are not only a means of entertainment, but also the cause of eating fatty food that contains a lot of calories. Bans on fast food meals with a toy inside have already appeared in California. New York considers taking this decision as well.

Children of preschool age are particularly strongly influenced by the simple toys in bags of crisps, sweets, and cereals. Moreover, the number of obese children is increasing every year.

The sociologists from the University of Wisconsin have suggested changing the location of luring children’s toys. These bonuses could be put in packages with healthy food, such as vegetables or fruit. In this case, there is a real chance to help kids eat healthy foods. In fact, many parents have already agreed to this approach in order to keep the child’s body in good shape.

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