Vitamin C Deficiency during Pregnancy Affects Baby’s Brain

The scientists from Copenhagen University found that vitamin C deficiency in the mother during pregnancy can have a significant impact on the brain development of the child. It will be impossible to correct this defect after birth. This new study shows once again how important it is for a would-be mother to follow a diet, so that the child could be born healthy.

vitamin C

Why Is Vitamin C Vital for the Baby?

Vitamin C plays an important role in the brain development of the child. It is also required for the formation of protein, blood vessels, and collagen. In addition, it increases the immunity and helps the tissues to recover faster after injuries.

Which Foods Are Rich in Vitamin C?

  • The high content of vitamin C is observed in citrus and other fruits and vegetables. But the biggest amount of this vitamin is in red pepper and guava. Thus, a 100-gram serving of red pepper will provide you with 242 mg of the vitamin.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables are also marked by the high content of vitamin C. But to provide the body with the necessary amount of the vitamin, one needs to make sure that it is also well absorbed. Smoking and alcohol consumption reduce the amount of vitamin C in the body greatly.

Vitamin C Precautions?

Do not try to consume a large amount of products containing vitamin C, as it may cause irritation of the intestines. It is better to eat small amounts of the vitamin during the whole day.

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