Walt Disney for Healthy Nutrition

The American Walt Disney media company is going to eliminate advertising of “junk food” from their TV, the radio, and the Internet.


Childhood obesity has become one of the biggest problems in America. Over a third of teenagers in the country are overweight. Thus, the Walt Disney Company has decided to show their solidarity with those who consider it necessary to introduce new nutritional standards.

The decision was supported by the U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, who said it would “change the game rules”, but the ban comes into force only from 2015, and much depends on how Walt Disney would determine what food is “healthy” and what is not. Meanwhile, the representatives of the media magnate report that their programs will not be advertising cereal products, which contain more than 10 grams of sugar per serving, and dinners with the nutritional value of more than 600 calories.

According to the BBC, nowadays manufacturers of fast food and sweet drinks spend about one billion dollars a year in America on the advertising aimed at an audience younger than 12 years.

Last week, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban on the sale of large treats of sweet fizzy drinks in restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and sports arenas.

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