Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

Tree bark and rubber are included in the list of strange desires that pregnant women have. The Times of India has written about this. However, it would be interesting to continue such a list.


What does a pregnant woman want?

The researchers interviewed a large number of pregnant women. The scientists were interested in the uncommon desires that appeared during pregnancy. It turned out that the list of unexpected and unreal food preferences included rubber, shoe polishes and even tennis balls.

The study was organized by the representatives of C and G Baby Club Community. According to its representatives, a pregnant woman usually develops unexpected cravings for pickles, chocolate and crisps. But some women want to try a shoe polish or to smell a tree bark.

Weird mixtures

In some cases, we are talking about unexpected combinations of products – bananas with steam tables (this is salty pasta), ice cream with chips, onion chips with cheese and Nutella paste spread over them. Eleven percent of pregnant women told that they wanted to try soap, six percent of pregnant women were eager to try chalk, and five percent strove for the toothpaste. In general, twenty percent of expectant mothers preferred a dessert, eighteen percent of the respondents selected meat, and thirteen percent pointed out vegetables.

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