Which foods Should You Give to School Children?

The beginning of the school year is the traditional time for advice to parents. Nutritionists, for example, remind us that success in school also depends on how the child eats.

Glucose, that is something sweet, is considered to help in learning new material. But this is not true: a child needs complex carbohydrates. The best sources of them are cereals and pasta, which should be the students’ breakfast, providing them with energy for the whole day.

Of course, while the child is at school, he/she will inevitably get hungry and will want to eat. Many have the habit of eating chips, which are extremely harmful to adults and especially children. Chips contain much fat and salt, they are not a useful product. The most unpleasant thing is that chips replace more nutritious foods in our diet. The main friends of schoolchildren are grain bread, cheese and vegetables. They can be taken to school. Therefore, we must try to instill useful food habits from early childhood and explain to the child why certain foods are more useful.

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