104 Attempts for Every Pregnancy

A recent research says if the average couple decides to try for a baby they’ll have to go to bed 104 times before they get their wish realized! Six months was found to be a period usual for a woman to get pregnant, and with a common practice of having sex about four times a week, that’s what the desire to have a baby amounts to.

Pregnant woman

It “does sound rather a lot”, admits Dr. Mike Smith of First Response upon analyzing the results of the poll involving 3,000 mothers.

Wishing to conceive a baby, 10% women decided it would be best to have their husbands home from work on the days they were ovulating. But another 70% women shy from the idea of working on it and would much prefer a spontaneous fit of passion to result in their getting pregnant.

Men seem to like it both ways… as they should.

Dr. Smith further remarked that it doesn’t have to take all of the 104 times and six months estimated, because many couples, fired by the wish to have a baby, engage in sex as often as they can.

But women who are not wanting to get pregnant for the present shouldn’t rely heavily on these data and had better use precautions every time they have sex.

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