5 Unforgettable Pregnancy Moments

The whole period of pregnancy is a great and memorable moment, a real miracle. Every woman is looking forward to this magical state. Let us see what unforgettable impressions pregnancy prepares for you and how pregnant women can enjoy every moment of their fortune.

Momentsof pregnancy

Positive Pregnancy Test

For many women, the sensation of seeing the two strips on the test is the first unforgettable moment of pregnancy. One can spend a few minutes sitting and looking at the positive pregnancy test, finding it difficult to believe one’s own eyes. It is not surprising that many women cry from happiness.

Positive pregnancy test

First Ultrasound

It is better to share the joy of the first ultrasound with a beloved one. It is so pleasant to worry and to be happy together with your husband, as you see your baby on the screen moving its little hand, and as you see its heart beating.

After the ultrasound, one can truly understand that a new life is born inside you. For men, the test is a simple piece of paper, and the ultrasound is a real proof of paternity. Some women will never forget how men first kiss their tummies after the ultrasound.

Ultrasound during pregnancy

Finding Out Baby’s Gender

For all the parents, the moment when the doctors tell you the sex of your baby is both unexpected and bright. The baby seems to acquire a new face and becomes closer and more understandable. Many women feel as if they have learned of their pregnancy once again. It is even logical to cry with happiness and excessive emotions.

Do not forget to ask your doctor to make the first photo or video of your baby! You will want to look at your little baby many times.

Gender of baby

First Fetal Movements

The first sensation of the baby’s movement is undoubtedly a very interesting and memorable moment. It is a favorite pastime for many women to watch the baby roll over so actively.

You can sit back, relax and look at those bumps that appear and disappear on the tummy. Each woman will confirm what happiness it is to feel a baby inside! During the first fetal movements you are well aware of being a mother.

Unforgettable fetus movements

Pregnant Photoshooting

Be sure to take a photo of your growing tummy. Changing the female figure is another proof of expecting a child. All pregnant women look very calm, happy, and inspired in the photos.

Pregnancy photos

What a great many of wonderful happy moments and emotions you are going to experience during pregnancy! You should be patient and enjoy every moment of this “interesting” situation!

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    Also, if someone lives in the USA and is expecting a baby, it’s important that they state in their birth plan what if any medical interventions such as the hepatitis B jab, the vitamin K jab and the eye drops  which are routinely given to newborn babies.

    information on birth exemptions, go to vaclib.org and click on ‘Exemptions’, then scroll down to your state.  

    The hep B vaccine is genetically engineered, completely unnecessary from a medical viewpoint and very dangerous.  http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/02/managing-editors-note-below-is-the-story-of-iam-gromowski-a-boy-who-lived-47-days-after-his-hepatitis-b-vaccination-thank.html  Click on this link for further information on birth preparations: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150369999542960&set=a.421474577959.207961.59888407959&type=3&theater

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