9 Interesting Facts about Twins

Nowadays, science knows almost everything about the processes that occur in women after conception. The sperm fertilizes the ovule, and from this point on life is developing in the woman’s womb.


Of course, it is physiological for a woman to bear one baby. But sometimes there are more. This is called a multiple pregnancy and the born babies are called twins. We have gathered some interesting facts about twins.

  1. The birth of twins is not so rare – one in 90 births.
  2. Triplets are born much more rarely – one case in 902 births. There are more boys among twins, and heterosexual children occur in every fourth case.
  3. The gift to bear two or more children is ordained by nature (especially if there were such cases in the mother’s family). Moreover, the property of conceiving twins is passed from a generation to generation (from a grandmother to a granddaughter).
  4. In case of vitro fertilization and stimulating ovulation with clomiphene, multiple pregnancies are often.
  5. With age, the possibility of conceiving multiple children is increasing, especially if the woman already gave birth to a baby in the past.
  6. It is believed that black people often give rise to twins. However, belonging to any race does not matter. The fact is that such a plant as yams is a widespread food product in Africa. Yams contains a great amount of hormone-like substances that are even used in the pharmacological industry. Therefore, a high frequency of multiple pregnancies among black women is due to stimulating ovulation with yams.
  7. If there is one ovule, the same-sex twins (identical babies) are born. They have the same appearance and an inclination for the same diseases. Even a dog can not distinguish between them by the smell, because they are “molded” from the same genetic material.
  8. Most often, the characters of the twins are identical. The sense of unity with the second twin is simply phenomenal. No matter what distance separates them, they always feel the sorrows and joys of each other.
  9. So, there is only one ovule and only one sperm. The fusion of these cells leads to the developing of an embryo, which is represented by a group of cells at the beginning of life. And suddenly, some completely inexplicable reason makes this group of cells divide into two or more. Modern science can not answer the question why this is happening.
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