Antioxidants Prevent Conception

It has long been known that antioxidants improve health, help maintain youth and beauty. However, we must remember that everything is good in moderation. Researchers have found that their uncontrolled use can bring serious harm to the body, in particular, it can have a negative impact on the reproductive function of women.

Apple contains antioxidants, which affect fertility

According to Professor of biology Nava Dekel, antioxidants (the best known vitamins A, C and E) reduce ovulation. Together with her colleagues from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot (Israel), N.Dekel conducted an experiment. The scientists injected antioxidants to the ovaries of mice and stated the fact that the ovaries produced too few eggs. The Telegraph informs that it greatly reduces the probability of conception.

The experts suggest that this negative effect may be due to the action of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are constantly produced in the body. If a person is undergoing stress, ROS start being produced in excess and damage cells.

Giving a lecture in London, professor N.Dekel urged women to abstain from the excessive use of antioxidants and use them with caution. She admitted that although antioxidants reduced the risk of certain cancers, inhibited the aging process, one still needed to think about procreation. It could be especially important for the young girls, who want to have a big family, and, of course, for those women who want to get pregnant.

The scientists are going to continue studying the impact of antioxidants on the reproductive system of women and conduct a series of experiments to confirm the previous findings.

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