DuoFertility to Guarantee Best Conception Time

DuoFertility is an easy-to-use gadget that tells women who find it hard to conceive when is the best time to set about it. According to the inventors, some former Cambridge University students, it works just as easily as it sounds; they even proclaimed that a 12-month pregnancy guarantee goes with their device on the money-back basis.


The clever invention resembles a patch to be worn on the body. It calculates best fertility periods by taking body temperature, as many as 20,000 readings per day. At your command the efficient system passes on the data to the DuoFertility Reader that you are holding in your hand, and you get a visual read-out that marks out the best fertility days for the oncoming week.

It looks like there are many women – and their partners! – who will profit by this ingenious device.

Source of the image: Duofertility.

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