Emotional Infertility

Sociologists have introduced the concept of “emotional infertility.” The experts note that this phenomenon is quite extensive: more and more women, even those who are married, are in no hurry to give birth to children. It is because they do not consider their partner to be a worthy father of her children.

Not the Fastest Sperm are the Most Successful Ones

As shown by the survey, conducted for the Red magazine (it involved about three thousand women), the ladies are becoming more and more selective. The overall results of the survey are as follows: 36% of women between 28 and 45 years old do not know whether they want to start a family; one in three women says she has not met the right man yet, and about 54% declared themselves “emotionally infertile” (they do not give birth because they do not like their candidate for father). Furthermore, some women said they were ready to go to a sperm bank, but they would not use the genetic material that they had at hand to get pregnant.

Previous generations found it easier to reconcile with the flaws of their partners. Having found some flaws in their partner, the present-day ladies no longer see him as a possible father of their children. However, it does not prevent them from living with this man.

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