Find out Your Child’s Genetic Info before Conception

New technologies will allow future parents to see their child before conception. The “genetic preview” will be particularly useful for women who seek the services of sperm banks.


An American company, Gene Peeks, invented a technology that can become very popular in many American sperm banks. She developed a genetic encoding for potential sperm donors and women who dream of becoming pregnant. The company uses an algorithm to determine how women’s DNA will interact with the DNA of the potential donor, assessing millions of options.

Of course, an expectant mother will not be able to see her child at the age of 5 or 10 years on the screen. However, this technology allows the woman seeking the services of a sperm bank to avoid donors with a high risk of genetic diseases, many of which are incurable. Semen analysis reveals more than 500 of these diseases as well as more than 8 million genetic mutations. As a result, each woman will receive a personal folder of sperm donors that will be compatible with her at the genetic level.

This month, the technology will be used by two infertility clinics in the United States. The creators of the technology believe that it can help women make the right choices, reduce the risk of obtaining sperm from a man transporting hazardous genes. However, some experts believe the methodology questionable, because it is only based on forecasts and possibilities of developing various genetic diseases in “virtual” children, rather than on facts.

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