Fitness Prevents Women from Getting Pregnant

It might seem a paradox that many women, who lead an active lifestyle and take care of their health, still cannot become mothers.

Woman Exercise

Norwegian scientists got interested in this problem and conducted a study involving nearly 3000 women. The research took into account all the circumstances of the participants’ life.

The conclusion was unexpected: pregnancy in most cases was prevented by excessive involvement in fitness. Intensive training in gyms to keep fit and to facilitate the flow of future pregnancy turned against the women and their ability to become a mother. The doctors still have not figured out the reasons for the relationship between physical activity and infertility, but they can say with confidence that it is necessary to reduce the intensity of physical exercises just a little, and in a year the reproductive function will be restored.

So all is good in moderation even such a useful thing as fitness.

Source of the image: Photl.

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