Fruit Diet to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant

The chances of successful fertilization increase if men consume more fruit and grains, less red meat, and restrict their smoking habit and alcohol intake. This is the conclusion of the Brazilian experts from the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Sao Paulo.

Previously, it was found that a woman’s reproductive function is influenced by her body mass index (BMI), alcohol consumption and smoking. However, it has not been clear until now whether this refers to men. The author of the study Edson Borges published an article in the Fertility and Sterility Journal, saying that semen quality is reduced due to the negative impact of obesity, alcohol and smoking. On the contrary, eating cereals and fruit improves its quality.

The scientist’s experiment was attended by 250 couples, who underwent the procedure of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). It allows to introduce the sperm directly into the ovule, thus realizing the fertilization procedure, which eliminates all kinds of problems that prevent pregnancy. E.Borges asked men about their diet, and how often they were eating fruit and vegetables, beans, cereals, meat, and fish. He also inquired about their addiction to smoking and alcohol. The experts analyzed sperm samples of the volunteers. As a result, successful fertilization was observed in 75% of cases, with every four women out of 10 becoming pregnant during the study.

The scientists found that the men with excess weight and an addiction to alcohol had poorer sperm concentration. In addition, they were characterized by low sperm motility. The authors noted that it was only sperm motility that smoking affected in a bad way. The chances of fertilization were significantly lower, if the men often consumed red meat.

E.Borges commented that their study had confirmed the fact that certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids could improve sperm quality, while excessive consumption of red meat containing hormones, alcohol, and smoking negatively affected the quality of sperm. According to him, the couples, who have been treated for infertility, should know that their diet and lifestyle affect their chances of successful conception.

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