Can You Get Pregnant during Your Period?

Many women are concerned with the question if one can have sex during menstruation and if the chance to get pregnant during this period is high.

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Reasons Not to Have Sex While Having Period

For a long time sex while having period was a taboo. It is unaesthetic, and doctors do not recommend sex during menstruation. One can get an infection or an inflammation of the vagina or uterus appendages (the cervix is slightly open on these days, and the risk of penetration of microorganisms into the uterus is very high). But if your partner is not sick with any infectious disease, having sex during menstruation is quite affordable. In addition, many women experience a greater attraction to a man in this period, as it is characterized by a greater sensitivity.

Can You Get Pregnant by Making Love Before Menstruation?

The question “can you get pregnant before menstruation?” is no less important than the question if one can get pregnant during menstruation. It is believed that 2-3 days before menstruation are relatively safe for pregnancy. The same can be said about 2-3 days after menstruation, and the period itself. But doctors warn that one can get pregnant after having sex during menstruation, before and after it. And there are several reasons for it!

The Sperm Live Long

First, the sperm are able to remain active for a week, when in the vagina. Second, the egg can get mature before the mid-cycle and after it: the time of ovulation can change, so that you can get pregnant before, after, and during menstruation. No one is protected from cycle changes! Unfortunately, many women have problems with this. Ideally, it is considered that ovulation and, of course, the highest probability of getting pregnant, is in the middle of the menstrual cycle, but the majority of women have the so-called individual irregular cycle.

Period Days When You’re Most Likely to Get Pregnant

Most often, you can get pregnant in the last period days, when an unfertilized egg goes out. During the first days of menstruation, the possibility of pregnancy is practically reduced to zero due to heavy discharge of blood and a very unfavorable environment for sperm. During the last days of the protracted period, especially during the violation of the menstrual cycle, the probability of preserving sperm increases and, consequently, one can get pregnant having sex during this period! So, if you are not ready to become parents, it is best to protect yourself.

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