Giving Birth after 40

We want to take everything from life – to build a career and to give birth to a healthy baby. Women today are in no hurry to have children, delaying such an important step until they are thirty, or even later. This point of view can be understood and even accepted.


Can a Woman Give Birth after 40?

It’s much more convenient to have a baby and raise it when there is financial security and stability. Meanwhile, doctors unanimously say: you’d better not wait for too long. Let’s try to assess the risk factors.

Getting Pregnant after 40: Health Risks

Not only the years are dangerous, but the number of acquired chronic diseases that can seriously affect the pregnancy of a woman over thirty-five. Currently, middle-aged women often suffer from cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems, and diabetes, which are sometimes exacerbated during pregnancies.

Diseases Women Have with the Age

The load on the musculoskeletal system in the process of carrying a child is greatly increased, and the system is not in the best condition. An average city resident usually leads a sedentary lifestyle, which has a negative effect on the state of the spine and joints, and even fitness cannot save the situation. After all, the top priority for those who are involved in fitness is seductive forms and visual appeal. Low back pain, thoracic scoliosis, lordosis, and pelvic deformity are a common occurrence nowadays.

Beware of Hypertension

Another scourge of our time is high blood pressure, which ceased to be a problem of elderly people. Hypertension is called one of the key causes of preeclampsia, or late toxicity. Poor microcirculation and vasospasm can complicate the supply of tissues with blood. Because of this, there is an infringement of nutrients’ and oxygen exchange through the placenta, which causes a slowdown in the formation of the embryo.

Higher Risk of Fetal Hypoxia

In addition, a woman after thirty-five has hypercoagulability – excessive blood clotting. On this background we can not exclude thrombosis of the umbilical cord and placental insufficiency, which sometimes leads to fetal hypoxia.

How to Prevent Health Problems When Conceiving after 40?

Of course, a person doesn’t become healthier with age, but if a woman takes care of herself, she can easily overcome little deviations from the norm. Even a very difficult problem can be solved when there is professional and competent management of pregnancy. It is important to be able to calculate the risks.

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