How Long Does Getting Pregnant Take?

Even if the couple has been persevering and consistent in their efforts over the entire cycle for the woman to get pregnant, it does not mean that pregnancy is sure to come.

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The cases when it is necessary to go on trying for a few months or more are quite frequent.

If it does not work at once, and the minds of the would-be parents start generating the thoughts about some deficiency on the part of one of the partners, it is necessary to take into consideration such a fact: it takes 90% of healthy couples up to a year to conceive.

Therefore, the other 10% manage to do it only after a year, both partners being completely healthy and able to have children.

Many experts recommend the couples to seek medical attention in case they have problems with getting pregnant within a year. Typically, there is no need to pass any tests to determine the cause of failure before this period. Some experts recommend seeking medical examination after six months because expert advice might help the couple realize their mistakes and make sure that they have no reason for worrying and anxiety.

There is often such a situation when a couple cannot conceive a child only for psychological reasons (i.e. being too excited or nervous). In this case, the relationship between the partners can only get worse, which, of course, can not save the situation, but will only make it worse.

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