In 2050 Everyone Will Switch to IVF

The development of IVF technology will make sex merely a satisfaction procedure rather than means of human reproduction in the near future. Such a hypothesis was put forward by Professor Carl Djerassi, Austrian-American chemist and writer, who created oral contraceptives.


By 2050, people will have sex solely for pleasure, and the vast majority of conception cases will take place through advanced IVF procedures. This opinion was shared by an outstanding scientist Carl Djerassi, whom the honor of inventing oral contraceptives belongs to. The scientist is convinced that his invention will be applied everywhere and always, as men and women will choose the freezing of sperm and ovule eggs in their youth and then pass through sterilization.

According to scientists, this change in conception methodology virtually eliminates abortion since there will be no more unplanned pregnancies. The development of IVF procedures makes them preferable and completely safe for parents who do not suffer from infertility problems. Their future children, conceived in this way, will not suffer from any genetic diseases that are still incurable.

Well, actually, parenthood will be permanently postponed in time, as life expectancy has long been growing, and many would like to take care of children not at the age of 20 years or so when they just begin to develop a career, but after 30 or even 40. As for the health of children born in this way, it will only be strengthened, as the ovule eggs and sperm used in the process of conception will be frozen young.

The vast majority of women, who will choose IVF in the future, will not have any problems with fertility, says the scientist. Women after 20 years old will first of all focus on their work and material well-being to ensure the future of the child, they will spend more time searching for a suitable partner, and they will not be scared to hear about the phantom “ticking biological clock.”

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