Meat Helped a Vegetarian Woman to Conceive

Thanks to meat products, a convinced vegetarian could finally conceive. The story of 34-year-old Laura Dixon is exemplary to many women, who prefer vegetarian diet and have been suffering from long years of infertility. In this connection, it is also curious what pregnant women are allowed and what they are forbidden.


Laura had been trying to conceive a child naturally for ten years. Her attempts had been unsuccessful, and as a result, the woman chose in vitro fertilization. The doctors were forced to immediately warn the woman about the increased risk of miscarriage and premature birth after the patient had been diagnosed with infertility, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

The first IVF cycle was stopped because the patient’s ovaries were strongly swollen. The new method of safe IVF brought the result. The second cycle ended in miscarriage. During the third attempt, the patient was diagnosed with the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, but she decided to continue the treatment, even taking into account the considerable risk. The syndrome could potentially lead to the formation of blood clots, kidney failure, liver failure, and problems with breathing. As a result, Dixon still managed to get pregnant.

Mushrooms, chocolate, spicy food: should pregnant women eat them? According to The Daily Mail, Laura had been a convinced vegetarian her whole life. But with the onset of pregnancy, she was forced to change the guidelines. When being pregnant with three children, she ate three servings of meat a day.

Perhaps, her body did not have enough protein and the woman constantly wanted meat. She ignored gastronomical prohibitions for pregnant women in every possible way. Initially, Laura was very slim, but then she rapidly gained as much as thirty-two kilos due to chicken and bacon. The increase in the level of protein allowed to prolong pregnancy to thirty-five weeks and give birth to twins Mason and Max as well as daughter Mia.

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