Natural Cycles App for Birth Control

There are things in society that are spoken about only as part of the social advertising or individual lectures for high school students. We are talking about family planning. However, it is done for no good reason. Perhaps, if this topic was widely discussed, there would be fewer children abandoned. Moreover, technical progress has touched even upon the contraception issue. For example, birth control pills can now be replaced by a smartphone. Learn how it works below.

For long-term couples who don’t plan on children, the question of birth control an important subject. Barrier methods (good old condoms) often invoke only a skeptical smile, and not all women dare to use pills. After all, mood swings, decreased libido, and weight gain is not what every woman dreams of. As a result, many couples rely on their own luck and the archaic calendar method. It is not difficult to guess that this approach often has consequences.

To make partners’ life a little easier and safer, the Swedish have developed a special smartphone application, Natural Cycles. It is based on mathematical algorithms. However, it is far more individual and advanced. It could not be otherwise, because its creator, physicist Elina Berglund, is one of the scientists who proved the existence of the Higgs boson. The discovery worthy of the Nobel prize is a credible record in one’s resume, isn’t it?

All you need to do if you use Natural Cycles is to measure the temperature every morning and enter it in the application. Based on the data obtained, the algorithm computes potentially “dangerous” (red) and “safe” (green) days for unprotected sex. The algorithm is adaptable to various conditions and remains accurate even if you have an unstable cycle, take antibiotics or have fallen ill with fever and flu. It is important not to forget to enter the necessary information and answer a few questions from time to time on launching the Natural Cycles.

Of course, mobile calendars are not new inventions, and you can find plenty of them on Google Play and AppStore. However, they all work according to the old principle of ovulation calculation, which can be relied upon only with a stable cycle, and it has become almost a rarity. In contrast, the algorithm of Natural Cycles is based on the current state of your body on a given day.

The Swedish app has passed official clinical trial at the Karolinska Institute. According to the results, Natural Cycles has been assigned a security index of 0.5/7.0. To make it simpler, only 5 out of 1000 women can get pregnant during “green” days. For comparison, the average index of hormonal contraceptive pills is 0.3/0.9.

The app was developed at the end of 2015, and now it has hundreds of thousands of users. In the beginning of this year, Natural Cycles has received a Tus Sud certificate and is now legally considered a contraception method in the European Union.

By the way, the app can serve not only for contraception but also for planning a baby. For this, you should have sex during “red” days. By the way, it helped the Natural Cycles’ developer get pregnant!

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