Physically Active Women Get Pregnant Easier

The experts from the United States believe that physical activity makes getting pregnant easier. The researchers from Boston University decided to conduct a study to show exactly how the exercises affect women’s ability to conceive, depending on how much they weigh.

The experiment involved more than 3,500 women aged 18 to 40 years trying to conceive for over a year. During the experiment, 70% of the women became pregnant. It was found that moderate physical activity, such as cycling, brisk walking and gardening, raised the chances of successful conception.

The women, who were engaged in physical activity for more than five hours per week, were 18% more likely to become pregnant than those, who were active less than an hour a week. An interesting tendency was also noticed: the participants with normal weight or very thin women, who were often engaged in sports, got pregnant slower than those women, who were engaged in sports without any fanaticism. So, it was found that five hours of intensive exercise a week reduced the likelihood of getting pregnant by 32%. At the same time, it was found that doing a small amount of exercise had no effect on the ability of overweight women to conceive.

Thus, the experiment confirmed that overweight women and too thin women had problems with conceiving, and physical exercises had virtually no effect on them. However, moderate exercises positively affected the chances of conception among women with normal weight.

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