The Secret of a Successful Conception Revealed

An interesting discovery was made ​​by the researchers from Warwick Medical School and Warwickshire NHS Trust. They found that uterine endometrium is capable of analyzing the embryo.


For the successful development, the fertilized egg must be implanted in the uterine endometrium. As it turned out, the endometrium is able to “decide” whether a particular embryo will be implanted or aborted.

Before implantation, embryos may be different according to their genetic composition. Some of them are of high quality, while others may not contain normal cells. Scientists have found that “good” embryos with a full set of the necessary genes are capable of releasing a special chemical secret called trypsin, which stimulates the endometrium to support implantation. Embryos with disabilities cannot send such chemical signals.

Endometrium, in turn, must also be able to properly respond to the signals from the embryo. If the uterus membrane is not well prepared for pregnancy, there can be implantation of the embryos with abnormalities, or the rejection of normal embryos. According to one of the researchers, Jan Brosens, both scenarios can lead to pregnancy loss or complications – fetal growth retardation or premature birth.

Experts insist that the correct assessment and improvement of the endometrium condition can be an effective method of preventing infertility and complications during pregnancy.

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