Sleep & Conception Linked

The scientists managed to calculate the sleep mode, which may be the best in terms of conceiving a child. It turns out that the chances of conceiving a baby can be substantially increased if a woman sleeps seven or eight hours. This was written about in The Daily Mail. However, the sleep regime itself is important – the hour of going to sleep and the waking moment should be fixed rigidly.


The Effect of Sleep on Getting Pregnant

According to scientists, the proportion of hours of sleep can affect the levels of hormones responsible for fertility. In addition, the sleep mode is able to reflect the way of life in general, including the degree of physical activity, the woman’s diet, and the possibility of bad habits. All these points are important for the conception to be normal.

The Sleep-Conception Study

The study involved 656 women, who were receiving IVF. It turned out that in case of the normal sleep mode the chances of pregnancy increased by 25%, compared with the women who had to sleep nine hours or more. The probability of conception increased by 15%, if to compare them with the women, who slept less than seven hours during the night.

Other Factors Influencing Conception

Dr. Daniel Park and his colleagues from the University of South Korea established that the chance of conceiving increased by 53 percent in the group of the women who slept seven or eight hours, and by 43 percent in the group of those who slept at least nine hours. The group of those who slept less than six hours had an increase by 46 percent. According to the experts, an important role can be played by the action of light. It is also important to find out at what time a woman has to get up, when she goes to sleep, and what level of illumination she has.

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