Tips for Women Trying to Conceive after 35

These days, more and more older women decide to have a baby. The reason behind this could be getting married late, making a career and others. Some women are simply not ready for becoming a mom earlier and finally decide to get pregnant after they cross the age 35.

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But getting pregnant at this age can be problematic due to particular reasons. Most gynecologists agree on the fact that the older the woman, the more difficult it is for her to conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy baby. Pretty often conception problems and pregnancy complications occur. Here are some useful tips for women over 35 wanting to conceive.

Challenges for Women Trying to Conceive after 35

A lot of studies have proved that the probability of ovulation decreases in women after they cross the age limit of 30, decreasing fertility. Women in mid-thirties and older may often have regular cycles without an egg released. Moreover, the quality of the egg decreases when women reach the age of 30 and even more when a woman crosses 40.

The following are a few reasons why conceiving after 35 becomes difficult for women:

  • various uterine disorders and fibroids,
  • decrease in cervical fluid.
  • endometriosis
  • development of scar tissue around the cervix or fallopian tubes due to a surgery or infections.
  • chronic health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension.

A woman above the age of 35 or running in her mid forties should also keep in mind that she has higher chances of miscarriage which go up to 35% higher, as well as a higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

With a long list of health problems, how can a woman think of conceiving after 35?

How to Increase the Chances to Conceive in Older Age?

The following things can be done to increase the chances of conceiving.

  • Setup a meeting with your health care provider to discuss the subject. An experienced doctor would review your recent medical requirements, your current lifestyle, as well as your medical history. After going through all these details, your doctor will be able to come up with a numbers of tips on how to conceive, such as taking folic acid, vitamin E and eating a healthy diet.
  • The second most important recommendation that you should follow in order to conceive is quit smoking, avoid or completely stop drinking alcohol. Also, try to consume less caffeine.
  • There are fertility tests that you and your partner should go through. You will be able to buy these tests at any drug stores.

Trying to Conceive after 35 – Tips for the Man

You should get your partner involved in this process as well – and here are some tips for the man planning to conceive. The man should also give up smoking and reduce the amount of alcohol consumed to the minimum. He is also supposed to wear something loose and comfortable rather than wearing anything tight which could hamper his sperm. Your partner must also avoid hot baths as they may make the sperm less effective. And in the end, your male partner should also be told to limit the sexual intercourse to once every two days to make his sperm counts high.

Stay Positive and Be Patient

After all that has been said, the most important factor for you is to stay positive. You have to accept the fact that for women aged 35 and more it takes a longer time to conceive. Following the tips above will boost your chances of conception.

If after trying to conceive for six months you have no signs of pregnancy, you should visit your health care specialist for some additional help in solving the problem. Your doctor would then conduct a fertility test in both of you or may recommend consulting a fertility specialist.

Conceiving can be the biggest struggle for a woman. If you are interested in helping women an online health degree can help you gain all the necessary knowledge about conceiving. Click here to learn about some of the programs that are offered.

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