Woman’s Mother Promotes Conception

Almost all men on the planet find it hard to bear living with their mother-in-law. However, this opinion is wrong. Although close relatives of the woman can help the couple get pregnant quickly – this conclusion has been drawn by the British scientists at the University of Essex. According to them, the chances of pregnancy in a woman increase, if she spends most of her time with relatives, especially with her mother.

Grandmother, grandma

This issue made the researchers conduct a series of experiments, which involved about two thousand women. During the observations, such factors as general and reproductive health, lifestyle, and the social status of women were taken into consideration. After some time, the scientists drew a conclusion that the young couples who lived together with their close relatives and were on good terms with them had their children born as soon as possible. This conclusion was confirmed after controlling other factors that affected fertility.

According to the researchers from the study group, the mother’s presence influences the woman favorably and creates a sense of security and peace of mind. At the same time, it happens very often that the mother-in-law, living in the same house, can make the man unbalanced.

The researchers from the Institute of Michigan in the United States found that young people sometimes had the so-called “mother-in-law syndrome.” It turns out that living with mother helps a woman, but it sometimes has a negative impact on the psychological state of a man and produces a direct influence on the quality of marital sex. Constant nervous tension, caused by the life spent together, may lead to erectile dysfunction, and a variety of cardiac diseases explicated in the future.

Moreover, the scientists have found that health problems in men begin even when they have a great relationship with their mother-in-law. The fact of sharing personal space with a strong independent personality, whom they do not have any feelings for, deprives the men of peace, even on the subconscious level.

This hypothesis was put forward by the U.S. researchers after a medical examination of 1,000 men, observed before and after their marriage. It turned out that 70% of married men began to feel much better after meeting their other half. Having got married, the remaining 30% of men started complaining of sudden anxiety, which had a negative impact on marital sex, heart, and blood vessels. It turned out that all these men were living with their wife’s mother.

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