Women After 40 Need Younger Lovers

If a woman after 40 is planning to have a baby, she needs a man much younger than her, as infertility experts claim.


According to doctors, a woman after 40 should look for a younger man, if she wants to get pregnant. A study involving a large group of women aged 40 has shown that if these women’s partners were men of 43 and older, the chances for a successful conception decreased significantly. This means that women who prefer to date young men are absolutely right. In the West, they are called “panthers”.

One of the most famous “panthers” is the British director Sam Taylor-Wood. This 47-year-old woman started a family with a 24-year-old actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, with whom she has given birth to two daughters. Michael Dahan, Professor at McGill University in Montreal, says that young men’s sperm has higher quality, which is why the probability of successful conception increases.

He says women over 40 should ideally choose a partner as young as they can find. This is a biological explanation for the “panther” phenomenon. The professor and his colleagues monitored 631 women aged 40 to 46, who turned for the IVF procedure. Their partners were between 25 and 73. The women were divided into two groups: those who were able to conceive and those who could not get pregnant. The average age of men who were not able to become fathers was only 43.5, while the women’s age had no special significance.

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  1. Keeye

    I’m a 44 year old woman and my man is 23. He’s really been pushing me to have a baby while I still can. I’ve been stressing over everything that could go wrong, but I’m tempted to try to get pregnant. What are my chances of becoming pregnant without IVF?

  2. Cheryl♡Nick

    I’d like to know too, Keeye. I’m 45 and my fiance is 25. We would also like to have a baby, hopefully without IVF.

  3. Robert

    You’re not guaranteed to become pregnant, but the study suggests that you are more likely to conceive with a younger partner than with one near your age or older. I was 19 when my then girlfriend now wife became pregnant at age 46. It didn’t happen the first time around, but she was about to become pregnant after several months of trying and without using IVF.

  4. Ramamurthy


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