Women with Premature Menopause Can Also Conceive

Scientists have created a new technique by which women with an early menopause can get pregnant. One of such women has recently given birth.

Ultrasound during pregnancy

A team of scientists from Stanford University, decided to try “waking up” several follicles, which still remained in the ovaries of women with an early menopause. For this purpose, they removed the ovaries, cut them into fragments, and then treated with substances stimulating growth and development. After a couple of days, fragments of ovaries were re-implanted into the body, into the upper part of the Fallopian tubes, and then the subjects received hormonal therapy.

The follicles began to develop in eight women. Then matured ovules were taken for in vitro fertilization. One of the patients has already born a child, another pregnancy is still ongoing, and the rest are preparing for embryo implantation.

Scientists estimate the results as very promising: they believe that the new technique can also help the women undergoing radiation or chemotherapy and the patients aged 40-45 with an irregular menstrual cycle.

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