8 Rules of Taking Medications for Breastfeeding Moms

Unfortunately, breastfeeding mothers often get sick. But how can a woman take medications, if she does not want to interrupt breastfeeding?


The rules of using drugs during breastfeeding include:

  1. Self-treatment is unacceptable; taking any drug should be agreed with the doctor.
  2. No drug is absolutely safe for the baby, and the smaller your baby is the more important this rule becomes. Particular care is needed in the neonatal period.
  3. One should give preference to well-known and thoroughly studied drugs.
  4. One should take the minimum therapeutic doses.
  5. Do not forget that other doctors, except your pediatrician or family doctor, may not know that you are breastfeeding. Share this information with them before the drug is prescribed.
  6. Any medicinal product you purchase must necessarily have the instructions for use. The instructions should definitely contain an item that explains the possibility of using this medication while breastfeeding. Read it! Draw conclusions.
  7. Remember that the longer break you make between taking the medication and breastfeeding, the lower concentration of this medicine in your blood plasma and, accordingly, in the milk you will have. That is why take the medication immediately before breastfeeding the baby (during the feeding time it will not get into the milk yet, and then the maximum possible time will pass before the next feeding).
  8. Finally, there is a very important and relevant rule: do not abandon the treatment just because it implies a temporary cessation of breastfeeding. Remember that your baby needs a healthy and happy mom as much as breast milk!

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