Air Travel Is Safe for Most Pregnant Women in Any Stage of Pregnancy

Travel by AirPregnant women can safely travel by air at any point during their pregnancy if it is uncomplicated, according to Committee Opinion issued by non-commercial organization American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The revised guidelines will be published in the October issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology. William Barth, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston claims that a series of studies conducted since 2001 showed that air travel was safe for women with uncomplicated pregnancies.

Dr. Barth noted that questions about air travel safety are among the most frequently asked by pregnant women.

Experts at the ACOG remind expectant moms to follow basic safety requirements applied to all airline passengers. For example, to prevent blood clots, pregnant women should move their legs occasionally, avoid tight fitting clothing, stay hydrated as well as get out of the seat and walk along the aisle.

Moreover, pregnant women should fasten their seatbelts and avoid consuming gas-producing foods and drinks.

Experts encourage pregnant women who might need emergency care not to fly in any stage of pregnancy.

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