How to Alleviate Swelling during Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, there appears much extra fluid in your body which sometimes finds its way into cavities and tissues causing swellings in the ankles and feet. It is known as edema and regarded as an insignificant side effect. Nevertheless, it gives a share of troubles and is altogether unpleasant; besides, swelling gets worse as you approach the final term, so means to mitigate the process will be welcome.

Pregnant Woman's Belly

Mostly your feet and ankles are apt to swell when it’s hot; it is also a common situation with overweight people.

5 Tips on Pregnancy Swelling Treatment

  • You need to stimulate the fluid flow so that it doesn’t stay in your ankles. It’s done by exercising the legs, feet and arms. Yoga postures also help.
  • When you are alone and settle down for a rest, raise your legs as high as you can. Don’t sit with your legs crossed.
  • Overindulgence in salt, alcohol and caffeine aggravates the situation, while water intake gives you relief.
  • You can get good results with reflexology and homeopathy if you know an experienced practitioner who has worked with pregnant women.
  • Besides, feet swelling is one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a condition posing a serious threat for successful pregnancy. Its symptoms include high blood pressure, pain in the stomach, protein-rich urine, headache bouts, and problems with vision. Should you experience any of these symptoms coupled with a marked increase in swelling, consult your doctor immediately.

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