Anovulation Information and Treatment

Beautiful PregnancyThe reason for a woman who is not ovulating or the non-releasing of the egg from the ovaries is known as anovulation. A lot of women go through this phase once or regularly when they do not ovulate. Most of the time the menstrual bleeding does not take place, however if it does, it happens for the reason known as “breakthrough bleeding” which happens due to low estrogen. Many women assume this bleeding to be the process of ovulation.

What Causes Anovulation?

There are quite a lot of reasons to know why a woman is not ovulating regularly. If you consult a doctor, he/she would prescribe certain drugs that will cause ovulation. A woman who is not experiencing any bleeding at least once in a month will not be able to notice that she does not ovulate unless she is monitoring her basal body temperature. The chart would appear to be very irregular with either the temperature shooting up constantly or no temperature rise notification in it at all.

There are various reasons for anovulation. Some of them include:

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Pre-menopause
  3. Illnesses
  4. Stresses
  5. Coming off the pill
  6. Hormones like Depo-Provera
  7. Traveling
  8. Vigorous Exercise
  9. Extreme weight loss or weight gain
  10. Other medical conditions – like pituitary gland problems and polycystic ovarian disease.

Anovulation and Getting Pregnant

Anovulation could be very discouraging when you are planning to conceive. However, you should not worry about it as there is help available. If you notice that you are not ovulating, you should consult your doctor. There will be a chain of tests undertaken to recognize your levels of hormones and a few drugs will be prescribed for fertility and ovulation.

What Medicines Are Prescribed to Treat Anovulation?

The widely prescribed drug is Clomid or Pergonal. These drugs are prescribed with small doses initially to offer a chance to your body to ovulate and then the doses increase in anticipation of the ovulation. Quite a few women will surely ovulate after taking these drugs. However, Clomid is only prescribed when the origins of infertility are unknown.

If there is no regular menstrual cycle, the drug Provera, or something similar to it is prescribed to encourage menstruation. Just the once ovulation occurs, the doctor can then better inform you if there is any additional help required.

What Natural Ways Can Encourage Ovulation?

There are a lot of natural herbs that can also bring about ovulation. That is the reason why we recommend you to meet your doctor first and take their advice. Vitex provides help to control the estrogen and progesterone hormones which helps in ovulation. You should check the bottle to know the dosages. Vitex should not be taken if you are already prescribed Clomid.

You can try to increase your chances of conception by 50% by drinking tea. To lengthen the leuteal phase and fertility, a dose of 25 mg – 100 mg of vitamin B6 can help. Consumption of evening Primrose oil before the expected ovulation can help in the production of the white cervical fluid, which is known as the most fertile fluid.

There is no need to worry about anovulation as it is not a major reason for infertility. Science and technology have moved to greater heights and things can be done to help nature. Anyway, first of all you should begin with charting your basal body temperature and seeing your doctor.

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