Aspirin Prevents Miscarriage

Some women cannot bear a baby. One miscarriage follows another miscarriage. As a rule, it takes the doctors much time to give the correct diagnosis. However, it is very easy to help a woman become a mother in this case – one just has to prescribe aspirin.


Antiphospholipid syndrome is a disease, when antibodies to some of your own phospholipids are formed. The result is an immune response to the growth and development of the fetus. A woman develops thrombosis, which is why the child does not have enough oxygen, and miscarriage often occurs in the later stages.

After the first miscarriage, a woman should have a blood test to help detect antiphospholipid syndrome. According to The Telegraph, the second miscarriage is an unambiguous indication for testing.

If antiphospholipid syndrome is detected, it is necessary to start taking aspirin daily in order to make the blood less thick and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy from 20% to 75-80%.

One should remember that it is very dangerous to take aspirin for prevention, if you are not sure that you have antiphospholipid syndrome. The medicine can trigger the occurrence of various complications in pregnancy, such as placental abruption and prolonged (post-term) pregnancy.

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