Autism More Likely in Early-Term Babies

Premature birth is known to be connected with learning difficulties, and it’s a grave problem facing kids who were born even a matter of a week or two before the fixed date. There’s a new study in the Public Library of Science Medicine that looks into the kinds of learning difficulties that babies born ahead of their due time may encounter in the future – such as autism and dyslexia.


According to the research findings, the risk of having to struggle with educational difficulties is reported to be higher in preterm children than in early-term ones.

The highest risk of developing autism or dyslexia threatens kids born between 37 and 39 weeks of gestation while it comes down in those born before 37 weeks.

The risk level for early-term babies, scientists add, has nothing to do with the delivery method.

As related to caesarean section, lead researcher Jill Pell reminded that “it is now normal policy to deliver women a week early,” pointing out that early-term births are not to be considered as caused by caesarean sections solely.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports there is a growing tendency in women anywhere in the world to prefer to deliver by caesarean section although there is no physical necessity for them to do so. These deliveries are mostly carried out earlier than the 40-week gestation date by at least one week.

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