Baby Wipes Cause Severe Allergic Reaction

If you use baby wipes, this information may interest you. According to a recent study conducted in Australia, the chemical substance detected in the product can cause serious allergic reactions.


The Medical Journal of Australia has published the results of the study that showed that the majority of children’s wet wipes contain a chemical called Methylisothiazolinone (MI), which is used as a preservative. In fact, the incidence of skin allergies during the last two years increased from 4% to 7% in the world. And one of the possible reasons for this surge may be the impact of MI.

The symptoms associated with allergy to MI are very similar to those of other skin disorders. Accurate diagnosis can only be given by an experienced dermatologist after studies. Moreover, this diagnosis is made by exclusion, when other methods of treating skin allergies did not help. The symptoms of allergies include redness, rash, and the presence of specific blisters, especially in those areas of the skin that are most often cleaned with baby wipes, that is, on the buttocks and face.

Although skin allergies associated with wet wipes are most often seen in children, their presence can be seen in adults, who often use the product for personal hygiene. Preservatives can also be found in other hygiene products, such as deodorants and moisturizers. It is already known as one of allergy causatives.

Today, it is considered the main cause of contact dermatitis – a form of disorder, which occurs in response to exposure to allergens on the skin. In addition to cosmetic products, MI is also found in cooling towers (the devices for cooling water) and paint.

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